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This is a new initiative in California. Medical Marijuana vending machines are popping up at Cannabis Clubs… These vending machines will be open 24 hours for those who have licenses to smoke marijuana for medical reasons. It wont be easy to just go and get cannabis,  you must have a license and other pre-requisites to get to the machine. In my opinion it is only a matter of time until marijuana will be legal throughout the united states (OBAMA?). Anyways like InI say Herb is the healing of the nation…..

Watch Report here 


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  1. Praise God! Open the closed and prejudice minds of the anti marijuana politicians like Senator Tom Harkin (R-Ia) who lump marijuana with heroin, cocaine and meth. Stating and believing that people who smoke marijuana will sell their children for a hit. Did I just step into a time machine? I mean this is the same kind of propaganda and lies that were in the infamous 1937 “Reefer Madness.” i.e. (if you smoke marijuana you will go criminally insane.) All the politicians who continue to prohibit the use of marijuana by lumping it in the same catagory as heroin, cocaine and meth are in denial about the medical efficacy of the cannabis plant. With the the ACP (American College of Physicians) and the Phsyciatrist’s Association coming out in favor of medical cannabis and medical grade cannabis research and in favor of government and politic’s getting out of the way of medical treatments and research, medical marijuana will soon be a reality nation wide. People have not stopped using marijuana despite its illegality and they will continue to use it as long as there are people and the plant. It is only a matter of time before marijuana is totally legal both recreationally and medically. For not only is it the “Will of the People” a government that prohibit’s its people from using a soft drug that has over 2,000 medically documented years of safe and effective medicle use for either personal or medical purposes, while restricting them to only feircely addictive and fatal drugs (alcohol & nicotine) is evil, cruel and insane! We must keep up the good fight for the governments anti marijuana foundation is built on sand and will eventually crumble. Peace…

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