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we’ve made it official is the official site for the new wave.


The team is packin up and movin to  our friends at blogspot gave us a offer we couldn’t refuse.

Respect this Grustle Kulturedmindz


More Jimmy…. U Kno Kulturedmindz blesses you every time you visit…

Take em to Church  

Can’t Tell me Nothing (Freestyle)

Bloody Murder (Verse) 


Now usually i dont believe in postin f*ckery on here… but here at kulturedmindz, we believe in equal opportunity.. plus on this show i feel he was the realest rapper wit his own character… smh….

Watch Here  


More from the Unit’s best spitter, Lloyd Banks…….

Listen Here 

This song is hard. defn better than Lollipop. Jus a snippet. will have the whole thang once its leaked…

Lissen here 


I gotta be honest. Even though i knew he was lyrically talented. at first i wasnt really feelin lupe.. but i must say he has grown on me…. This track is defn crack…. enjoy this video

Watch Here 

Barack Obama gave a speech today on racism in America. I personally feel as though i am staring at our version of MLK Obama may be the person that can somehow mend the racial divide in America. Click the link for the entire transcript of the speech.

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New Weezy F video for you shorty’s that wanna lick the rapper. This is the first single off The Carter 3 called “Lollipop” click the link to watch wayne dumb out with like 20 video girls in a limo.

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David A Paterson is sworn in as the 1st black governor in the history of the New York state. He stepped into the position when the former governor Elliot Spitzer resigned due to his involvement with prostitutes.

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