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Jim Jones

A new joint from Jimmy called the Lifestyle talks about gettin money way back with a special shout to jersey like a minute in for those that know.

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When i was in High school Reed Dollaz was the hottest cat rappin outta the state. Well about 6 years later. he is still grinding. Lissen to this new song Real Ni**az

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I first heard von pea from tanya morgan on Mick BOogies and Little Brother’s Song called ” A Word From our Sponsors”. Since then i could see these guys are better than about 85% of mainstream rap. So i Present their mixtape to u… Tanya Morgan is  a Rap Group.. Click Picture below to download

This is a video of two teens who try to rob a police station. If i was their lawyer i would ask the court to give them an iq test and deem them mentally retarded. Because this is some retarded sh*t

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New Video of of This is 50. Im happy to see fitty cashin in on the Internet. I think he will pass Jay-z soon and become the first billionaire rapper. To me he is a better business man… anyway enjoy

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Good to see bruthas let bygones be bygones.. at least for now. But where was Wayne?


killin it with the slow flo. everybody’s favorite rapper’s hustler Shawty Lo hits you with another video. Yeah i kno, he isnt a classic rapper but i seen this man come from the streets.. to your cd player.. so you gotta respect his grind. Oh yeah shot out Hollywood Courts, Bankhead, Bowen Homes, Herndon Homes, Allen Temple Homes and the now vacant University homes

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The Best show on tv now that The Wire is off. This was banned in the US, because the powers that be didnt want to be potrayed the way that Aaron Mcgruder sees them. However it did air in Canada. So here it is. Prolly will be banned from you tube and Megavideo soon so please partake…..

Part 1 ( You Tube)

Part 2 ( You Tube) 

Whole Video( Megavideo) 


Okay all u mainstream, gangsta rap fans… this is real music. The legendary buckshot… i bet u about 99% of the kids nowadays dont kno who he is and his resume. And 9th, still one of the most underrated producers in the game. I will be  still listening to his music, once ima old man.. Classic.. charlie murphy in the video

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This is a new video from I-20 from DTP. Haven’t heard from him in a while. His sh*t always sound screwed and chopped to me…

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