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Barack Obama gave a speech today on racism in America. I personally feel as though i am staring at our version of MLK Obama may be the person that can somehow mend the racial divide in America. Click the link for the entire transcript of the speech.

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William Buckley, Jr. passed away  yesterday in his study. He is hailed as one of the most influential and intelligent conservatives in American History.  He was a columnist, editor, host and author who wrote 55 books. He founded The national review, an extremely conservative paper. He was basically the poster child for conservative America. Buckley was not a self-made conservative, one who pulled himself by his own boot straps, but worst the son of a multimillionaire.  However is believed to have been the leading conservative mind in intellectual thought. Buckley’s National review in the 60s was outwardly against the Civil Rights Legislation and said “”the white community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail”. Not only was he and his beliefs bigotted, he was good friends with Ronald Reagan….hmm surprise surprise… He also worked with the CIA in several countries….. Any way dude lived for 82 years and GOD have mercy on his soul because his policies and beliefs definitely didn’t have mercy on those who were less fortunate..

Anyways here at kultured minds, we like to remain balance; so i give u some links to gather some more knowledge… However as a black man, i think its a good thing that we no longer have the racism, elitism and anti-semitism rhetoric and thought of Bill Buckley.. and oh by the way someone conservative report this to BILL O’REILLY and all the other racist douche-bags so i can get some free publicity- WARBUCKS

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yes i do believe that there are stereotypes and prejudices that all of us have based on race and its portrayal in the media. However i believe that as with my generation, race is far less of a factor than socio-economic class, (this is coming from a black man)… yeah i said it, race is not the primary factor anymore in job selection and other aspects of life. now the criminal justice system is an area that i am not going to even touch… however came across this article about an experiment on the perception of race and human brains

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