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I gotta be honest. Even though i knew he was lyrically talented. at first i wasnt really feelin lupe.. but i must say he has grown on me…. This track is defn crack…. enjoy this video

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I first heard von pea from tanya morgan on Mick BOogies and Little Brother’s Song called ” A Word From our Sponsors”. Since then i could see these guys are better than about 85% of mainstream rap. So i Present their mixtape to u… Tanya Morgan is  a Rap Group.. Click Picture below to download


killin it with the slow flo. everybody’s favorite rapper’s hustler Shawty Lo hits you with another video. Yeah i kno, he isnt a classic rapper but i seen this man come from the streets.. to your cd player.. so you gotta respect his grind. Oh yeah shot out Hollywood Courts, Bankhead, Bowen Homes, Herndon Homes, Allen Temple Homes and the now vacant University homes

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Okay all u mainstream, gangsta rap fans… this is real music. The legendary buckshot… i bet u about 99% of the kids nowadays dont kno who he is and his resume. And 9th, still one of the most underrated producers in the game. I will be  still listening to his music, once ima old man.. Classic.. charlie murphy in the video

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This is a new video from I-20 from DTP. Haven’t heard from him in a while. His sh*t always sound screwed and chopped to me…

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Say it aint so folks.. say it aint so… Lil Wayne bites other rappers and r&b singers? I mean for christ sake dude did an entire mixtape with all Jay-z Beats. Well here goes a mix that Kidnova cooked up for yall

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alot of times i find myself arguing with so called ” rap heads” about significant rap groups in the last 5 years.. i hear alot of bs like dipset, g-unit and so many other distasteful choices. In my opinion State Property was pound for pound the best rap group since the WU… think about it who can match up with grimiest line up in the Rocafella Building circa 2000 to 2002. I mean of course they are “gangsta” but some of them really lived that life, but at the end of the day, they give the message that too many of your youth fail to hear or are distracted from by the big black booties and rented bentleys in the most popular rappers videos of today. So im willing to put State Prop up against any group… But you be the judge

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Dr. Dre is crossing into the world of premium beverages. He has partnered with Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd to develop and market his own line of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages….

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From St. Ides to Premium liquor…. pretty good jump

Who Said Rap is Dead? With new artists like this, i think i am ready to give rap another chance. This is off their Album The Bake Sale.

Action Figures

greenteem.jpg Tz Buddha’s got heat….As expected New York’s underground Hip Hop scene is alive and well. Check out Ghoti Records newest single ‘Spooky Time’ Listen Here: Spooky Time